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About KinderPrep
Private Preschool

Teaching kids to read since 2005!

KinderPrep Private Preschool is a recorded private preschool for 3-6 year olds. Our program combines charismatic academic classroom instruction by caring, qualified teachers with enriching indoor and outdoor play experiences. We want to start each child's schooling experience in an environment where they are loved, respected, and successful.

KinderPrep believes it is important to encourage independence and responsibility in our students. These skills allow a child to develop self esteem and confidence based on their own accomplishments, rather than on the opinions of others. We teach them respect for themselves, their peers, and the adults. We believe well-rounded students, who have skills in multiple domains will succeed in school and in life.

Our Team



Owner - Teacher

Miss. Virginia is an born-an-raised Oregonian! With over 20 years of  experience of preschool teaching, childcare, and 900 hours of core knowledge training related to preschool teaching, childcare, child development, and child safely. She has a strong passion for reading, learning, and understanding children's development behavior. She enjoys reading, art, paper crafting, and swimming.

Screenshot_2021-04-22 KinderPrep Private



Rashun was born in August of 2000 as a twin. He wanted to be a Paleontologist, and an Air Force pilot as he grew up. Due to a compromised immune system, arthritis, and asthma growing up he was in and out of the hospital up until his late teens. With all of the health issues Rashun realized he would not be about to reach his dream. Once he was cleared by a doctor to play sports at the age of 14 he jumped right in, and started swimming. He joined the Newberg Tigers Water Polo team, and two years in a row state champions. As Rashun neared his 20's he started thinking about his career. Ever since he learned to read he grow a strong passion for reading and enjoyed the Fantasy genre. Taking his health into account he decided he would love to become an Author, and give his readers the same escape that he had as a child. Spending the next two years he did everything he could to increase his knowledge of becoming an author and, has jumped head first into the writing world hoping to release his first book soon.

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