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Hear From Our Families

When making the important decision of who will care for your children, the thoughts and opinions of other parents can be very helpful. Take a look at the testimonials below, and reach out to learn more.

I have three kids attending Kinder Prep Preschool and my wife and I have been extremely happy with the education they have received. Our 5-year-old twins are reading and are very prepared to start kindergarten in the fall.

My daughter loves going to school to learn new things with Miss Virginia and teacher Rashun. When she comes home she always singing And dancing to new songs and it’s the most adorable thing to hear and see. She loves to do her homework packets, especially when it comes to cutting paper and shapes which she has gotten so good at. I love how much she learns everyday and how well they teach and how much effort and care they put into teaching our children who are our future.

We love this program! The teachers are great with the kids and are able to meet the needs of advanced level kids. We have been very happy with this program. They even offer distance learning during COVID so my kids don’t fall behind.

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